This is specially designed for Owners of Businesses who want to get new Customers/Clients and More Sales Online


But are experiencing frequent ad account disable or restriction. Also want to boost post, but boost unavailable

It is a practical lecture  on what has been working for me and all my students, it is proven to work for anyone who follow my foot step.

There is a saying that “if there is life there is hope”. Your ad account is similar to life. Once your ad account is disabled you are cut off from reaching out to your prospects at the time you want to.

You can no longer get new customers/client through running ads. Growing your business will just be a “wish”. “How I wish I can…” How I wish…. But what if there is a proven system or a proven method that gets your account going without being permanently restricted or disabled?

That is exactly what you are about to learn.

This is what this Social Media Advertising Masterclass can do for you!

It is one of the surefire ways to use $1 to get $2 and $2 to get $4 and $500 to get $1,000 within a short possible time, if done right. 

This type of investment is better than stock and real estate investment because you get your return on ads spent instantly. If done right you make your profit at that same day, week or month. The ROI (Return on investment) come faster than that of real estate and stock.

At the same time keeping your account in good condition until you become like one of those professional advertising agencies.

Read My Short Story

My name is Timothy Omatule

I have always desired to have a passive income in addition to my other sources of income. That desire lead me to the world of internet marketing. 

I bought several books and courses on Internet marketing. A lot of them were loaded with the right information but then what I needed to be successful could not be obtained from only one Coach. I had to buy different courses that are relevant to my pursuit. I learned that running ads on social media was very profitable so I began trying to run ads on social media. As a learner, I made several mistakes, because some of the courses I bought those days, some of the coaches do not even know what to do to avoid account ban. I violated ad policy several times. I have asked for review and several times my ad account was restored. But I was still making mistakes until finally they got tired of me and restricted me from running ads.

I requested for review they replied that they have already made their final decision and that they were not going back on that.

Timothy Omatule Oborah

Omatule Timothy

An Entrepreneur

You are restricted from advertising
Only active ad account can run ads

I lost six accounts due to restriction. 14 ad accounts was disabled. 

I finally got the answer and when I got it I knew I have gotten the answer. Since then my ad account not been disabled again. 

I have also made 6 figure from time to time from my clients gotten from Social Media advertising. 

Below I created a few video training that will be of help to you. Sign up and login to access the videos


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What is in this Package

✅ How to create your Business page and make it ad policy compliant

✅How to Prevent Your ad account from being permanently restricted

✅(15 Reasons) Why your ad account Might be Shut down. How to avoid them.

✅How to run your First Ad, Second and third ad 

✅How to create more ad account Using my own unique Formula. You can’t get this formula any where else.

✅How to Convert a total Stranger to a paying customer/client

✅How to Cut down your cost per action to the barest minimum and still making sales.

✅Four (4) surefire Factors that increase the rate of conversion.

✅How to run profitable ads without a website.

What My Students are Saying

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Testimonial From Jonathan Victory

3 Sales Made Just Within 24 hours of Launching the ad

The screenshot below is an ad I am currently running for one of my clients. Just within 24 hours of launching the ads, he has already made 3 sales. 

N2,143 was spent on ads and he made 3 sales of a product that is sold for N15,000. One of the customers ordered for 2 pcs of the product. That is N60,000 worth sales That is a good return on investment (ROI)

A sale of a high ticket offer from one client

One of my Numerous Customers Purchased One of My Products Through Bank Deposit See Below

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Today You gain Access to these useful tips that have kept my ad account going for a token fee. Pay using your ATM card and gain Instant access.

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