This is specially designed for  Business Owners

who want to get new Customers/Clients and More Sales Online

Through Running Ads on Facebook and Instagram even though you are complete Newbie at Internet Marketing

Getting new customers/Clients and continuous sales is the desire and hunger of any business man.

Here comes an adage and I quote "A business not advertised is like a boy winking to a beautiful girl in the night. He knows what he is doing no one else does"

Many businesses want to run ads especially on Facebook and Instagram. 

According to  Statista Facebook currently has an average of 2.89 Billion monthly active users. Nigeria alone has over 21 Million average Monthly users

Instagram has an average of 1.39 Monthly active users. 

This means most of the potential customer/client that any business might want are either a Facebook user or an Instagram user.

Top 6 Questions/Concerns Going on in the Mind of all Entrepreneur.

  • How do I get started with Facebook and Instagram advertisement as a complete beginner?
  • I tried running ads on Facebook but my ad account is always disabled and restricted how do I solve this?
  • How do I build a sales funnel that will literally convert a total stranger to a paying customer/client?
  • I have never learned Computer programming and web development, how will I be able to build a professional landing page that converts visitors to sales?
  • I have a very tiny budget of about N5,000 to N10,000, how will I be able to run ads on Facebook and Instagram with this kind of budget and grow my business to six to seven figures? 
  • How do I target the right prospective customers/client that are hungry for my product and has the money to buy my product?

Advanced Facebook and Instagram Advertising Masterclass provides answers to all the above top six questions/concerns bothering all entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur who is currently struggling to get continuous influx of new customers/clients and sales, then Facebook and Instagram Advertising Masterclass is tailor made for you.

I get an average of 50 sales in a month.

This figure occurs when my ads are active and with a fully scaled ads. 

When I start a new campaign or a new account I may not be able to make as much as that. 

For a new campaign I make an average of 10 sales per month. 

Checkout one of my sales result below.


Today's Price: N20,000 Per Year


What you going to Get in Facebook and Instagram ads Mastery

  • How  to get started with Facebook and Instagram advertisement as a complete beginner running ads 
  • How to guide against ad account disable and restriction.
  • How to build a sales funnel that will literally convert a total stranger to a paying customer/client.
  • How to build a professional landing page with drag and drop web page builders even though you have never learned programing and website design.
  • You learn how to run ads with as low as a very tiny budget of about N5,000 to N10,000 and  be able to scale your business to Six to Seven Figures 
  • You will learn my targeting hack that I used to generate up to 50 sales of a high ticket offer in one month.

What others are saying about Me

It shouldn't be only me that is speaking, see what my student's are saying:

Testimonial From Jonathan Victory

Testimonial From Jonathan Victory

How much will it cost you to develop your skill of how to get continuous influx of new customers/client and sales?

One of the major thing that can make a man broke fast is having few people to sell to

Some people only depend on posting on their timeline and Facebook group, Instagram page to grow their business. This can leads to retarded business growth.

Many people do not understand the benefits of Facebook ads and that is why a lot of people are suffering in poverty.

With Facebook ads you can scale your business fast. 

For instance if you have a product and a landing page that is converting very well you can scale your ads by increasing your daily budget.

For example you have a daily budget of N20K you are spending on ads and You are making an average profit of N30K from the sales of your product on a daily basis.

What If you increase your daily ad budget to N40K? you will now be earning N60K profit per day. 

What if you now increase your daily budget to N400K you will now be earning N600K per day. In a month you would have earned N600k x 30  That is N18 M per month.

Let us also look at the worst case scenario. 

Let say you are only earning N1 M per month. 

How many businesses and civil servants are earning N1 M per Month?​

How many people are even earning N500k per month?

But with less than N50K you can learn this skill that can help you earn at least N500K per month.

But most people who do not know this will continue to suffer in poverty day in day out. And it will continue to get worse.

If you are taking action now, you will gain access to Advanced Facebook Advertising Masterclass with N20K only.


I have your back 

Well, you have nothing to loose here, I will give access to this ads system for 30 days duration.  

If it doesn't work as I describe in the training simply call me and I will refund whatever you spend for this training. Yes that is how sure I am with this ads system.

Who Am I?

Before we continue I like to introduce myself.

My name is Timothy Omatule. I have been running ads  on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE and YOUTUBE since 2018.

I have gathered some tips based on my years of experience running ads on these platforms.

639 Students already benefitting from me.

The screenshots above are summarirs of the number of students that are currently learning FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM advertisement from me on separate platforms.

Currently, I have a total of N265 Students who have enrolled for my social media advertising course. 

How to Sell on WHATSAPP like Crazy

Whatsapp Selling System

Here you are going to learn how to sell like Crazy on WHATSAPP for free. Free Advertisement. 

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