Specially Designed for those who want to earn Part-Time Income

 Creating an Online Courses and Trainings Based on What they Know How to Do Well

Even though you a Complete Newbie at Internet Marketing .

Using this method, you can earn at Least $350 (500K) per Month working from the comfort of your home.

Top 9 Questions and Concerns Going on in The Mind of an Average Nigerian

  • I have so much knowledge, skill and experience in my area of expertise and I have applied for jobs in so many parastatals, all to no avail, what other way can I earn income from my wealth of knowledge, skill and experience?
  • I am underemployed, my salary is peanut, my salary is not enough, What other ways can I increase my earning capacity as part time business? 
  • I am a stay-at-home mum, how can I earn income from home?
  • Though I am employed, But any day I do not go to work, probably when I am sick and couldn't go to work, nothing for me that day. How can I earn Passive income? I mean how can I earn money while sleeping?
  • I am sick and tired of embarrassment and stress in my office, how can I be my own boss?
  • How can I Leverage on the opportunity provided by the internet to start earning income online legitimately?
  • I only have a small capital of about $15 what business can this money start and grow the business to 6 to 7 figures?
  • I am about to retire, what business can I do at my age and not depend on pension and gratuity?
  • I spend money everyday but I only earn money monthly, how can I earn money daily to balance up? 

This Blueprint provides answers to all the above 9 questions.

 If you have been searching for a way to earn income out of the wealth of Knowledge, skill and experience you have acquired, then this blueprint is tailor-made for you. 

I earn an average of N500K ($350) in a month selling my information product online. 

Some good days I earn up to N50K ($35) in a day.

The figure above happens during the period I am running ads on Facebook and Instagram. The period I am not running ads the sales may drop as low as N80K to N100K per month.

For instance, I have an online training course that I sell at N20K. in 10 Days sold about 37 copies of that course.

If you are regular on Youtube, you must have heard the story of Dan Lok.  He resigned at the age of 27. At the age of 27 he has made so much money that he needed not to work again for the rest of his life. 

What was he doing that he made so much money like that at that young age? 

He simply created ebooks and video trainings and sell it online.

You may have heard of Mr. Toyin Omotosho. He is a Nigerian. One of the major ways he makes his money is creating online trainings and ebooks.

If a boy of 27 years old can resign after making so much money from this business model, imagine what you could make with this system.

Testimonial From Jonathan Victory

How Much Can You Gain Access to This Blueprint?

How much will it cost you to learn how make at least N150k per month,  creating and selling information products?

Let me tell you this story, I know someone who is an architect. This guy has been trekking and looking for jobs all over the street of Lagos, up till now he has not yet secured a job.

Currently he begs to be able to feed himself.

This is someone that is very knowledgeable and talented but he doesn't know alternative way of making money other than going from office to office looking for jobs. 

Now that he couldn't secure office jobs he has to beg before he could eat. 

This is another touching story: A man took his child to school on the first day of the school resumption, but just reaching the entrance gate of the school, this man slumped and gave up the ghost. 

What happened was his blood pressure was at its peak, fed up with financial struggles coupled with school fees wahala, and he couldn't figure out other ways of making money to support his family needs, sooner than he expected, heart attack set in and he died. 

This is another story of an old man I know. This man has an uncompleted building, now he doesn't have money to complete his house, he doesn't have children to look up to, he doesn't have any job nor business. Presently he wants to sell that house even below the cost price. So he can use the money to feed himself. 

If after selling the house and the money finishes what else will generate money for him? 

If this man had learned how to create information products when he was young now that he is old he will just be enjoying passive income from the sales of his information products. 

All the above three stories I have shared are problems that could have been solved with less than N40,000. 

And now they are suffering it.

Most of the times, it is the solutions we ignore that causes the biggest problem of our life. But most people do not know this, and it will continue to get worse everyday.


From Knowledge to Cash 

From Knowledge to Cash

Let us assume the worst case, if the knowledge from this Blueprint can help you generate N100k per month, in a year you would have made N1.2 M

But you will get this blueprint for a steal price N10,000


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In this Blueprint You are going to Learn the Following:

  • How to create an information Product, like an e-book, Video Tutorials etc 
  • How to Run a profitable ads on Facebook and Instagram to sell that product. Creating information product is not difficult, the most important skill is how to sell it. Anybody can wake and use Microsoft Word to write an e-book. But how many people are really selling it and making money from it? If you can't sell it, You can't make money from it.
  • How to craft the content of a sales page that Sells like crazy
  • Introduction to copywriting
  • How to sell your product using email
  • How to close deal. 20 words you should not use when chatting with a prospect. If you use those words you spoil the show.
  • How to literally make a prospect beg you to take his money and have your product.
  • How to position yourself as an authority to help increase your rate of sales.

Who am I and why am I in the position to tell you all these?

Timothy Omatule Oborah

My name is Timothy omatule

I have been creating online courses and trainings and have been making income from it.

Currently I have 582 Students on Udemy.

I have 5 courses on Udemy.

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    Worth N5,000 

    How to target people who has money

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    Here you are going to learn How to sell on other websites owned by Nigerians without spending a dime on Advertisement. I am not talking about Jumia or Konga

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    How to Sell on WHATSAPP like Crazy

    Whatsapp Selling System

    Here you are going to learn how to sell like Crazy on WHATSAPP for free. Free Advertisement. 

    Fast Action Bonus #4

    4 Factors That Are Proven To Increase Rate of Conversion

    Worth N3,000

    Fast Action Bonus #5

    LearnDash Used for arranging online course in a professional order.

    This is a software that helps you give access to your to your students in a proffessional and orderly manner. 

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    Well, you have nothing to loose here, I will give access to this ads system for 30 days duration.  

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