From Knowledge To Cash

How to package your knowledge, skill and experience and sell it online

From Knowledge to Cash

Knowledge is a valuable commodity that one can sell and make money

Learn something from my story. 

On Monday 21st June 2021, my android phone went bad, it was no longer displaying. I suspected the phone needed to be flashed. 

On Tuesday 22nd June 2021, I took the phone to Awoyaya bus stop to look for phone repairers to to fix the phone.

I met the first guy, he collected the phone and looked at it and returned it back to me and gave me a flimsy excuse that he doesn't have the file for this type of phone. 

I wanted to go to Ajah computer village where I can get a lot of repairers, there I can easily see someone that will know what to do or simply have the file for the phone. 

But my spirit told me to still look for another person within Awoyaya that there might be someone that can fix it. So I obeyed and approached a young man selling London used phones. 

I simply wanted to ask him if he knows someone that can fix phone around the area. He collected the phone and enquired what the problem was. I told him.

He simply pressed the phone a few number of times and did some settings which he didn't allow me to see of course. Within 5 minutes my phone was fixed without transferring any file or connecting it to any external device, as purported by the first guy, and I paid him the agreed fee and he pocketed the money. I appreciated him and left.

While I was going away from there my spirit confirmed to me again that Knowledge is a commodity that you can sell for money.

The first guy didn't know what to do and that was why he couldn't make that money at that time. 

On the other hand, the second guy knew exactly what to do and he earned money in exchange. He earned money because he had knowledge on how to solve a particular problem.

One Way You Can Monetize Your Knowledge, Skill and Experience

 Do you know that most of the jobs we do to earn money daily, we are simply monetizing our knowledge without knowing?

Think of professions like

  • Doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Architect
  • Teacher
  • Site Engineer
  • Brick layer
  • Market women etc

Out of the numerous ways one can monetize his knowledge skill and experience, one of them is information products.

Information products are in form of an e-book, video tutorials, software etc. No matter who you are, there is something you know how to do well that other people struggle with or do not know how to do it at all. And are ready to pay someone that will show them how to do it. 

One good thing about information product is that it can be sold online easily which means anybody can access your product from any part of the world. 

Since 2020 I have been selling information product online. I simply look for what I know how to do well or what I have discovered a no fail formula for, and I see other people struggling to achieve the same result. I simply package it and put it for sell. With this I always have a product to sell. I don't need shop, I don't need office I simply use the opportunity provided by the internet.

I receive Messages like this every now and then


From Knowledge to Cash

From Knowledge to Cash

In this course I am simply going to mentor you on how you can package your own knowledge and sell it online. You are simply going to follow my footstep and package your own knowledge skill and experience and sell it online. 

Today you gain access to From Knowledge to Cash Mentorship program for only a chicken change. 

If you don't want me to mentor you nothing will happen, you can go and watch Youtube videos on how to package your knowledge skill and experience and sell it online. But I can assure  you the journey will be longer than necessary and you may spend more than if you go through my mentorship program. It is always good to follow someone who know the way. 

I have made several mistakes in the past when I was learning, you don't need to make the same mistake again. Simply leverage on my discoveries and have a smooth ride.

No long stories, today you gain access to From Knowledge to Cash with only N3,000

Note: This is price is today's price. Many people have had opportunity to gain access to this amazing insightful course before, but didn't take action immediately and postpone to later time or indecisive, before they could come back the price have risen up. They have to pay double to access this course.

I don't want that to be your own case. Regret huts more than fear. 

At this point point there are three things you can do now:

  1. Gain instant access to From Knowledge to Cash and start making money from your knowledge, skill and experience.
  2. Postpone your decision and bookmark this page so that you don't forget this link and buy this course later. But I can assure you, that you may end up buying this course almost double or even triple this price.
  3. Hit the back button and forget about this course altogether and join those who are always complaining that the government is not providing jobs for her citizens. Not realizing that they have untapped gold in their brain in form of knowledge, skill and experience.

You Gain Instant access (From Knowledge to Cash) when you pay using your ATM card N25,000 (N15,000)

Get in inside before this price increases at 0000 

Pay N25,000  N15,000 Through Bank Deposit Or Transfer 

Account Name: Omatule Timothy Oborah

Account Number: 0164411691

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

After Payment send your payment details to 08062882635 either on Whatsapp or through SMS.

You can also send your payment details through email to

Fast Action Bonus

This bonus is for only those who get this course before the timer hits 0000


Worth N7,500

Fast Action Bonus #2

Worth N10,000

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