How to Build List For Your Business

by Timothy Omatule
Lekki | October 18, 2022

You can build list in the following ways.
1. Email subscribers
2. Facebook friends/followers
3. Facebook page followers
4. Facebok groups members
5. Instagram followers
6. Twitter followers
7. Whatsapp status viewers
8. Youtube channel Subscribers and viewers
9. Quora followers
10. Medium
11. Nairaland
12. Tiktok followers.

Which of these methods would you people like me to discuss more on?

Post something you know that will make their lives better.
If you can crack jokes its okay. Once in a while you add jokes.

Post facts you have discovered.

Somethings that have helped you in the past share with them.

Then once in a while in between make them offer.
Making an offer is selling your products and services.

The fact is don't make it all selling. Don't make all your posts selling and selling.

As a matter of fact make 80% of your post free value.
Then 20% selling your products and services.

If you want to boost the size of your list, if you want to get a faster result then consider running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube.

If you want to learn how to run ads on Facebook and Instagram take a look at this course.
It might be of tremendous help.

Here is another course that can be of help to you. 

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