How to Get NIN Plastic  ID Card.

Good news for those who have been struggling with how to get National Identity Plastic ID card

In this video tutorial you are going to learn how to get National Identification number plastic ID card (NIN). 

Who Are Those That need this?

  • Business owners who need it for official identity verifications, eg to be used for Facebook identity verifications, Bank account opening and documentations.  
  • For online business entrepreneurs.  
  • Students for academic documentations 
  • Everyone need this plastic National Identity Card.

Timothy Omatule

What Will Be your Benefits at the end of this Training?

  • At the end of this training you should be able to learn how get your Plastic national ID in less than 24 hours .
  • How to avoid long queue before getting your plastic National Identification card.

What My Students Are Saying - Testimonial

Listen to the excitement from one of my students in the audio message below, after getting her own.


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