La buena vida is a campaign carried out by Century21 Group international. Century21 Freedom Group International abbreviated as C21FG is a registered company with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria) with RC 1386398.

The Long Term Goal of Century21 Group International

What can La Buena Vida help you to achieve?

  • Financial Freedom
  • Time Freedom
  • Health Freedom

Financial Freedom

When we are talking about financial freedom we are talking about buying a car that you desire and not just buying a car because that is the one you can afford. It means you have enough money to buy what you desire in life. With financial freedom, you live in a house that you desire and not just living in a house that you can afford.

This organization also believes in giving back to society. This organization strongly believes in giving charity. That is why they feed at least 5,000 families every year.

Time Freedom

La Buena Vida also helps you to have enough time for yourself and family. A lot of people work round the clock to the extent that they only have little or no time for their families. But at La Buena Vida you will have enough time to do whatever you desire in life.

You will have time to enjoy all expenses paid vacation and be healthy enough to do so. You will be free from been tied down by 9–5 job.

Cashflow Quadrant | 4 Ways to Produce Income | Linear Income Vs Leveraged and Residual Income

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It is very important for us to appreciate the above cashflow quadrant if we must attain financial freedom. So you can chose where you want to be in the cashflow quadrant that will ultimately guarantee your financial freedom.

This cashflow quadrant is divided into two. The left hand side quadrant and the right hand side quadrant. The left hand side quadrant is called the active income while the right hand side is called the passive income.

Active Income

In active income we have the employee and the self employed. These are people who make their money either from salary, wages or profit. They exchange their time, skill or energy for money.

Passive Income

When we move to the right side of the quadrant we have the Business owners and the Investors. An example of a business owner is Aliko Dangote. Aliko Dangote owns salt, Sugar, cement factory etc. Does he wakes up every morning and dress up by 6 AM and going to work? No because he own a system and people are working for him and he earns money daily. An Investor on the other hand, is someone who sends his money on an errand.

Why People in Active Income Can Never enjoy Financial Freedom.

Employee and Self employed

People in the left-hand side of the quadrant otherwise known as active income can not be financially free because since they are exchanging their time and skill with money if anything happens or come between them and their time then their income becomes truncated.

Take for instance if you are a secretary with a company, it doesn’t matter how hard you work they will not pay you more than your salary. The highest the company can do for you is to promote you.

In promoting you, it does matter the increment on your salary, it can never be bigger than that of your superior.

And even though you desire to make more money by increasing the number of hours you work, you can not work outside the company’s working hours. You resume at the usual time and closes at the usual time. You are typically limited.

On the other hand if you are self employed like a bus driver the number of passengers you can carry per time is limited therefore you are limited by space. To make it worse an hour will come whereby even though you are willing and strong to work you will not see anyone to carry because most passenger have gone to rest in their homes. Therefore you are limited by time.

The worst part is that if things like pandemic comes in between their income becomes grounded because they will not be able to exchange their time or skill for money.

Research carried out has shown that 95% of the world population are on the left side of the quadrant and also share only 5% of the wealth of the world.

Why People in Passive Income Can enjoy Financial Freedom.

Why Business owners and Investors can enjoy financial freedom

People in the right quadrant otherwise known as passive income can enjoy financial freedom because even though they are on vacation they are still making money. They have a system that makes money for them even though they are absent.

These are business owners and investors.

On the right side of the quadrant, we have a whopping 95% of the world wealth being shared by only 5% of the world population.

The Goal of Century21 Freedom International (C21FG)

Century21 Freedom International C21FG

The goal of Century21 Freedom International (C21FG) is to move as many as possible from the left-hand side of the quadrant to right-hand side of the quadrant through the La Buena vida project. They want to achieve this within a short possible time.

The Current Nigeria Population Data

In 2019 Nigerians were about 199 Million.

The working class was 50 Million Dependency ratio was 1:3

in 2020 the dependency ratio rose to 1:8

in 2050 it is estimated that we will have a population of about 410 Million and the working class will be 25 Million and the depency ratio will rise to 1:20 this implies that for one person that has a regular job he has 20 mouths to feed.

The consequence of this is that the earning power of the middle class is diminishing daily. An average graduate is on the street looking for a job.

A lot of the upperclass are drastically slipping into the middle class and the middle class are slipping into the poor class. The poor class are slipping into the abject poverty. Imagine that!

World bank has estimated that by 2022 COVID19 will make 96 Million Nigerians to be extremely poor.

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