Lesson From $10,000 Suit

by Timothy Omatule
Lekki | October 18, 2022

 I listened to this story from Paul Enenche and I was challenged to my marrow.

That is why I decided to share it with you. I am sure you would learn a lot from this!

He traveled to Florida with his wife.

And a man met him and "said I am a tailor and I sew suits. I want to sew a suit for you" He measured him and sewed a smart-looking suit and brought it to Paul Enenche.

The tailor said I sew suits for royalties.

One of these suits costs $10,000. But I am giving it to you for free.

The man opened his brochure and showed him his clients.

His clients were kings from different nations of the world. Top men in the world.

The #1 of different nations are his clients.

This tailor flies first-class across the world.

My Questions:

  1. How can an ordinary tailor be flying first-class? And some professionals like architects and engineers are not even flying not to talk of first-class. 
  2. Only one suit costs $10,000?
  3. What sort of tailor is he?
  4. Why do kings of the world decide to be patronizing him?
  5. Who trained him?


1. If you want to make yourself a high-ticket professional it's completely your choice.

2. It is not the profession of a man that makes him poor. It is lack of relevant skills that makes him poor.

3. To be a professional that will be patronized by kings of all nations you have to be very skillful.

4. To get to that point where you start rubbing shoulders with kings you need to spend much on training yourself to be one of the best.

5. The amount you are being paid now is equivalent to the level of your skills. If you can upgrade your skills you will be paid more.

Anyway, like you have just seen everything centres around upgrading one's skills.

Have you upgraded your skills in Revit architecture and how to use Lumion?

If you have not upgraded your skills, you are far from kings.

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