This Why The Wealthy Prefer To Buy Rolls-royce

by Timothy Omatule
Lekki | October 18, 2022

when it comes to beauty Rolls-Royce is not the most beautiful car in the world.

Neither is it the strongest car in the world.

But why is it the most expensive car in the world? And its the dream of every wealthy man?

The answer is simple - CLASS.

Rich men are not too concerned about the function of a product.

Their major concern is class. They take pride that they were the only few people that can afford it

I learned this secret from this book by

Mr Toyin Omotoso titled "How to turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine"

The lesson here is how do you position yourself so that you become very expensive like Rolls Royce?

So that the wealthy people will be the ones patronizing you instead of poor people. That leads you been broke.

If poor people are the ones patronizing you they will make your life miserable.

This is it you need to position yourself as a high-ticket professional.

Permit me to use the word product in place of professional service at this point.

A high-ticket product is a product that is very expensive. In other words, it's a product that has premium quality.

What are the characteristics of a high-ticket product?

1. It may not necessarily be the best but must be of high quality.

2. It has to be very expensive. The reason is nobody will believe you are the best if you are the cheapest. And if you the cheapest no one will believe you are the best.

3. High ticket is always not common.

if you want to position yourself as a high-ticket professional.

The first step is to upgrade your skills. You can't be a high-ticket if you are of poor quality.

Secondly, you need to raise your price. Rich people enjoy it, if the price is high, that is when they value it.

Rich people don't like it when the price is low.

If you really want to interact with the rich then you need to raise your price.

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