This is for Entrepreneurs who are currently struggling to get  customers or Professionals struggling to get  New clients daily. 

 If this defines your position, then continue reading.

by Timothy Omatule
Lekki | October 18, 2022

You will never worry again about how to get your next Sales, clients/jobs, after gaining access to Whatsapp Sales Blueprint and downloading and studying the UCR Method.

This is for you:

  • a. if you have a product to sell and you want to learn how to sell it faster using my own Whatsapp Marketing strategies.
  • b. if you are a professional and currently struggling to get clients/jobs.
  • c. If you are a professional and you have few clients. And your clients are the ones giving you their terms and conditions. Instead of the other way round.
  • e. If you want learn how to sell high ticket offers (expensive products through Whatsapp.
  • f. If you want learn  about my psychological methods I use that makes prospects beg to buy my expensive products.  

These are What You Are Going to Learn in This Course

  • a. Whatsapp Marketing Blueprint - Understanding Sales Funnel
  • b. Whatsapp Marketing Blueprint 6 steps.
  • c. How to generate your own Unique Whatsapp Link
  • e. How to Move prospects from engagement to purchase.
  • f. How to safeguard your WhatsApp account from being hacked
  • g. How to Connect Whatsapp to Pc
  • h. How to Use Pricing Psychology to Make Sales
  • i. If Someone Ask How Much is Your Product or Services, The Best Way to answer Him that may likely lead to sale 
  • j. How to get Qualified Leads Into Your Whatsapp Funnel
  • k. How to get Multiple Clients and Jobs Using AI Integretionl

Using the same method I am about teach you I was able to generate N2.4M worth of sales. 

On a separate occasion I generated N360K in 23  Days.

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