Two Reasons Why You Need to Start Building List

by Timothy Omatule
Lekki | October 18, 2022

Your list is like a garden. When you have a responsive list its like having a garden. 

If you have a garden for instance and you have planted pepper there. And one day you ran out of pepper the next thing you will think of is to go to your garden and check if you can see some ripe pepper to plug.

The same thing happens if you have a list and you need money you simply make them an offer. And you will be lucky some of them will take the offer and boom! money has come. 

It has happened to me several times. When I need money badly I simply make an offer to my list and many of them have taken the offer and boom! money has entered my hands. 

If you want to learn how to make an offer that people can cannot refuse I know of an expert who dealt so much on  making an irresistible offer. 

His name is Ronald Nzimora.  It is called Mafia Offer. 

Now let us dive in reasons why you need to have a list. 

1. A list is your own Property

If you have a list you can promote any thing to your  list.  Unlike what  we have on Facebook, Instagram and twiiter. 

There are certain products you can not promote on Facebook. But if you have a list you can promote any product and services to your list without anyone restricting you.

Having your list is like your Whatsapp status you decide what you want to post on your Whatsapp status you are not restricted by anybody.

2. No Algorithm

If you create some post on Facebook you will discover that post will only reach just few people that is because the Facebook Algorithm decides who see the post.

But if you have your own list Algorithm is cut off. Everyone in your list see your offer. 

If you want really want to learn how to build list and make money from that list the course I will recommend for you is 72IG Implementation program by Toyin Omotoso. 

That course has helped me so much in learning how to build a profitable list and milk juice out of that list. 

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